Learn how to get your medical marijuana card for Las Vegas

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Learn how to get a Las Vegas Medical Marijuana Card, the referal can be optained in 24 hours or less. You will receive the medical marijuana recommendation and you can start using it immediately.

Why You Should Obtain Your Medical Marijuana Card in Las Vegas. Having legal access to marijuana to relieve chronic pain is just one reason why you should obtain your medical marijuana card in Las Vegas. Studies show that cannabis, also known on the street as reefer or pot, is an effective, safe and affordable alternative to addictive prescription drugs that often have negative side effects. Unlike morphine-based pain medications that block the sensation of pain, marijuana reduces activity in the brain in areas where pain is registered. Additional benefits include reduced anxiety, increased appetite and improved quality of sleep. With a valid medical marijuana card, users are exempt from state criminal laws governing the possession and use of pot. To obtain a medical marijuana card, patients must send a written request and a $50 fee to the

Nevada State Health Division of the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services for an application. When submitting the application, patients must include written documentation supplied by a state-licensed physician stating the use of marijuana may alleviate one of the qualified medical conditions. Some medical marijuana doctors offer a free medical evaluation. Many physicians will charge a fee only if they provide a medical marijuana recommendation. Nevada law allows physicians to provide patients with a recommendation for HIV/Aids, glaucoma, cancer or any condition that produces muscle seizures, spasms, severe nausea, pain or a decrease in vitality associated with a debilitating chronic disease. Because marijuana is classified as a schedule I drug by the federal government, physicians cannot legally prescribe pot. The recommendation merely exempts the patient from criminal prosecution in the state for possession and use. Patients who obtain a medical marijuana card can legally possess up to one ounce and seven weed plants, with no more than three mature at the same time. Nevada state Senate and Assembly members recently passed legislation approving the establishment of medical marijuana dispensaries. This will allow patients an alternative to growing weed for personal use. With a medical marijuana card, individuals can seek relief from a variety of debilitating medical conditions while avoiding the use of other more expensive medications that can be addictive and cause other negative side effects.

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Las Vegas Dispensary helped me get my medical marijuana card for Las Vegas, NV. They can help you get medical marijuana from dispensaries in Las Vegas.
Las Vegas Dispensary helped me get my medical marijuana card for Las Vegas, NV. They can help you get medical marijuana from dispensaries in Las Vegas.
Las Vegas Dispensary
Date published: 06/01/2013
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